Integrated Data Analysis

Allocating a specific WP to integrate analyses across WP1-WP4 underlines this essential aspect of the iPSYCH strategy. WP5 is overarching the other four WP’s and it serves the purposes of: 1) Govern the integrated examination of the massive data generated from the other 4 WP’s in order to get an overview of significant and interesting results to be presented to the scientific committee. 2) To help prioritize and initiate new research projects within the iPSYCH through iterative loops based on iPSYCH findings.

An example of a mouse - human iterative loop, e.g.: Affected pathways revealed in brain regions of transgenic models will be tested as candidates influencing genetic susceptibility in human samples. Identified gene-environment interactions in human samples will be tested in the animal models (e.g.infections, prenatal or postnatal stress etc) to reveal biological effects that will feedback to hypothesis testing in the human data set. Epigenetic effects identified in mouse will prompt testing in the human data and vice versa.