On this page, you can download results of GWAS (genome-wide association study) analyses and variant counts from whole exome sequencing studies (WES). In the listed studies, iPSYCH samples constitute a main part of the study subjects.

Results of combined iPSYCH and Psychiatric Genomics Consortium analyses can also be downloaded at the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium download page together with other Psychiatric Genomics Consortium studies that iPSYCH has contributed to.

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  5. Investigators will cite the appropriate publication(s) in any communications or publications arising directly or indirectly from these data.

  6. For utilization of data available prior to publication, investigators will respect the requested responsibilities of resource users under 2003 Fort Lauderdale principles, which is detailed in the README file associated with the data set; and

  7.  Investigators will never attempt to identify any participant.

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iPSYCH downloads:

Disorder/studyDownloadMD5 Checksum

Suicide attempts, with or without mental disorders - GWAS 2018

Genetics of suicide attempts in individuals with and without mental disorders: a population-based genome-wide association study

Annette Erlangsen et al.

Download Genetics of suicide attempts, with or without mental disorders, GWAS 2018

Readme file:

Genetics of suicide attempts



ASD and ADHD have a similar burden of rare protein-truncating variants

F Kyle Satterstrom et al.


will be available soon


Discovery Of The First Genome-Wide Significant Risk Loci For ADHD

Ditte Demontis et al.


Download Full ADHD GWAS - June 2017

Download AHDH European Ancestry GWAS - June 2017

Readme file: ADHD_June2017_readme.pdf





ADHD GWAS, Sex-specific 2017

A genetic investigation of sex bias in the prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Joanna Martin et al.


Download ADHD Males - June 2017

Download ADHD Females - June 2017

Readme file: ADHD_Sex-Specific_readme.pdf




Autism GWAS 2017

Common risk variants identified in autism spectrum disorder

Jakob Grove et al.


Download iPSYCH-PGC ASD_Nov2017

Readme file: iPSYCH-PGC_ASD_Nov2017_readme.pdf



Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC)

iPSYCH investigators are among the 800+ investigators from 38 countries who is part of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC). Download of GWAS results generated in PGC studies can be found on the PGC download page  For more information on the PGC, go to the PGC website