Ole Mors Group

at Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov

The overall aim is to increase the aetiological and pathophysiological understanding of mental disorders in order to provide a basis for better diagnosis, treatment and prevention. 

The research concerns identification of genetic and environmental risk factors in mental disorders in the Danish, Faeroese and Cuban populations using focused association studies, GWAS and NGS. Epigenetic mechanisms and gene-environment interplays are also important aspects of the studies performed. The biological function and pathogenic mechanisms of identified disease associated genes are investigated at in genetically modified animal models.

Furthermore analytical epidemiological and register based methods are used to analyse data from the Danish population based registers. The fields of expertise comprise also diagnostic categorical and quantitative phenotyping, population genetics, pharmacogenetic studies and genetic testing and ethics in psychiatric genetics.

Large sample sets including thousands of individuals from national biobanks, multiplex families, trios, twins and isolated populations are studied.

The Mors group is working very closely together with the Børglum group at AU and a number of team members work both places. There is also a close collaboration with Professor Anders L. Nielsen’s lab regarding epigenetics in neuroscience. Moreover, the group has longstanding and widespread international collaborations.

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Professor Ole Mors at Department of Clinical Medicine Aarhus University
Professor Ole Mors